To Tu To Tam

To Tu To Tam is a travel blog ran by Tom and Aga since 2011. They've been using a blogging platform Geoblog and were ready for a custom, self-hosted WordPress site. I worked with a design agency Creatick to build a new home to document their adventures.

Unique features & challenges

Every project is unique, has different requirements and often involves thinking outside of the box and hours of research. Here are some challenges I faced during the development process and features that make this one special.

Information architecture

Tom and Aga's previous site was using a travel blogging platform called Geoblog, which meant they had no control over how their content was organized and displayed.

They did like having posts grouped into trips and wanted to keep a similar structure on their new site. Instead of creating a custom post type, I utilized WordPress' native posts and renamed the Categories default taxonomy (which they weren't going to use) to Trips. I added several custom fields using ACF Pro to implement additional features like taxonomy featured image and color.

To Tu To Tam website: before and after the redesign
Trip page on the previous site vs. our custom WordPress theme. We included all the location information from the original site.

They also wanted to separate short weekend trips around Poland from their larger trips around the world. To that end, we created a separate section on the homepage and added a simple true/false custom field to the Trip taxonomy to be able to distinguish between the two trip types.

Google Maps API integration

One of the client's main feature requests was to display their posts on a map, showing a full travel route on the trip archive page and a single pin on post pages. With ACF's Google Map field I was able to use a single source to display location information in a variety of ways:

To Tu To Tam website: location of post displayed with Google Maps
Single location information is pulled into several components, including Google Maps, location name and SVG flag.

Client testimonial

“Working with Justyna is a pleasure. She has deep understanding of design and is very knowledgable about WordPress and best practices in modern web development. She worked with us to pick the right technical options for the project, answered questions and provided suggestions and advice on how to bring our ideas to life. Highly recommended!”
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